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Passive Solar Heated house with 16" insulated walls built in 1982
insulation is:
(ground newspaper & reflective foil in some area)

Winter heating bills for 2004/2005 to heat 1800 sq. ft on the main level averaged $40/mth ($240/Year)just for the winter months (not averaging all year) using an ECR DX geothermal Heating system with floor heat and also preheats our hot water.


1.2 KW Array (16X75 watt panels) grid tie system. We have now moved them from the house to a passive solar tracker, seen below, which will increase the output.

New Store Location for Alt Power Systems and JPK Computers Inc.
Built with 2x6 walls with reflectix double bubble foil and heated with DX Ground source Earth Linked Heat Pump System
2784 sq ft radiant floor, 1855 sq ft air heating and cooling

(Avg. winter heating is $90 a month for winter mths)

Power Point Presentation on the Geothermal heating & Insulation used in our building.

Power point presentation of an installation (not ours)











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